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Origin OB-36+ Bifold Doors for 2025 Future Homes Compliance

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The Future Homes Standard (FHS) represents a transformative government initiative aimed at meeting net zero targets through a significant reduction in carbon emissions from new homes. Amidst this pivotal shift, the OB-36+ Bifold Door by Origin Global, available in Soho and Contemporary ranges, is set to become a hallmark of innovation poised to meet and exceed these new sustainability benchmarks.

The latest OB-36 aluminium bifold doors from the collection exemplify this new era of sustainable luxury, blending aesthetic refinement with unparalleled energy efficiency.

By mandating changes to Building Regulations, FHS sets a path for homes built from 2025 onwards to emit 75-80% fewer carbon emissions compared to those constructed under current standards. Furthermore, local authorities are empowered to adopt even higher efficiency standards, adding to the potential strain for architects and developers to meet these regulations.

What does this mean for the current market?

The implications of the Future Homes 2025 standards, coupled with innovations like the OB-36+ External Bifold Door from Origin, are profound for the current market. They signal a shift towards buildings that are more energy-efficient without compromising on high levels of comfort and desirability. This transition is likely to redefine consumer expectations and set new standards for what is considered premium in residential construction.

The Impact of the Ongoing FHS Regulations

Although the FHS regulations promise net zero targets eventually, the journey towards compliance currently presents a unique paradox within the construction and fenestration industry. While there is a widespread feeling of being prepared and accepting of the need for change, there are also difficulties in meeting deadlines that are evolving.
This challenge is magnified by the ongoing evolution of the FHS, with its final details yet to be finalised by the government. The disconnect in intention and implementation highlights the gap between the aspiration to adhere to FHS guidelines and the preparedness of the industry to implement these changes.

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The journey to compliance is not just about selecting high-performance windows and doors but ensuring their benefits are fully realised through licensed, industry-recognised installation. Factors such as robust reinforcements, good ventilation, precise positioning, and secure fixings play critical roles in meeting and surpassing FHS requirements.

Partnering with WindowWorx means engaging with a team that understands the intricacies of the installation of your aluminium doors and windows, ensuring they perform as excellently in practice as they do on paper and meet the 2025 FHS compliance. As one of the leading local installers in Berkshire, WindowWorx offer invaluable expertise from concept to completion to move towards a future where best FHS practices are rapidly evolving.

We stand ready to guide you through your choice of aluminium doors from the Origin Global’s Soho and Contemporary Collections with expertise, precision, and a commitment to excellence. Contact Us Today to discuss your next project with us.

Get 2025 Compliant Doors and Windows with Origin Global

Origin Global’s OB-36 External Bifold Door, available in Soho Collection and the Contemporary Range and installed by WindowWorx, successfully meets the anticipated FHS standards in the industry for thermal efficiency and environmental responsibility whilst retaining a stunning look and effect within any property.

Low U-Values

A cornerstone of the Future Homes 2025 initiative is the emphasis on improved U-values, a measure of the heat transfer rate through a building element. Enhancing U-values can be achieved through better insulation methods, such as retrofitting insulation, implementing draught proofing, glazing or selecting specific materials for manufacturing. A lower U-value indicates superior insulation in a window or door, meaning greater thermal efficiency for both the product and the home overall.

In the industry’s transition towards compliance with the FHS, there’s a tendency to meet only the current minimal regulatory benchmarks, with U-values typically between 1.1W/m²K and 1.4W/m²K. Yet, with the broader objectives of reducing energy use, lowering carbon emissions, and improving fabric energy efficiency, the FHS is likely to designate U-values as low as 0.8W/m²K upon its final implementation.

With this in mind, the OB-36 External Bifold Door distinguishes itself by already achieving these future-required U-values of 0.8W/m²K, ensuring it both meets and exceeds the anticipated standards for thermal efficiency.

Triple Glazed Doors and Windows

Triple glazing supports greater energy efficiency – a compelling advantage given recent rises in energy costs – and plays an important role in the government’s aim to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Low U-values targets are easily met by triple glazing, but not by double glazing and, as a result, architects and developers are already starting to specify triple glazing, a trend set to accelerate as the 2025 deadline approaches.

Origin’s glazed glass doors, with their slimline profile and options for double or triple glazing, exceed 2025 Building Regulations for luminous spaces, energy efficiency, and security, ensuring homes are both supremely comfortable and secure.

Special Features of the OB-36 Bifold Door

The OB-36 Bifold Door highlights Origin’s commitment to compliance with the FHS standards. With large expanses of glass, ultra-slim aluminium sightlines, and a contemporary steel-look, these bifold doors offer features beyond the expected standards and which are backed by a 20-year guarantee.

Range of Folding Door Configurations and Flexibility

Proudly manufactured in the UK and made from premium-grade aluminium, OB-36 Bifold Doors come in 150 RAL colours, with Anthracite Grey, Jet Black and Textured Black Bifold Doors being the most popular colours.

From period houses, new builds and to cosy cottages, the Origin bi-fold Collection offers a tailored fit to enhance any space uniquely. With options from one to twelve door sets, customisable to widths between 400mm and 1,200mm and heights up to 3,025mm, you can specify the opening and sliding mechanisms to precisely suit your requirements.

Effortless opening with Ultra-slim Aluminium Bifold Doors

A meticulously designed carriage assembly featuring a compact short wheelbase and four wheels, manufactured from premium acetal, ensures the OB-36+ Bifold Doors glide effortlessly along the track. This is a quality that is visible, tactile and extremely smooth and satisfying to use.

A Signature of Luxury: Knurled Handles for the OB-36+ Bifold Doors.

Adding to the collection’s appeal are its signature knurled handles. Engineered for durability and ease of use, these handles offer a secure grip with a timeless retro style.

Available in six exquisite finishes, the stunning Knurled handles are another reason Origin’s OB-36+ Bifold Doors are set apart, offering an example of how everyday usability can be seamlessly integrated with luxurious design.

Meet FHS for Aluminium Bifold Doors installed by WindowWorx

As the contrast between today’s building practices and the envisaged net-zero targets grows increasingly stark, windows and doors are clearly a critical element for thermal performance benchmarks of ‘future homes,’ given their substantial influence on a building’s energy efficiency.

WindowWorx, located in Berkshire, stands as a centre of innovation and expertise. With over 80 years of collective experience in surveying and a deep understanding of diverse installation methodologies, materials, and designs, our team pledges unmatched professionalism and skill to ensure installation of all our Origin Products reach the highest possible standards for efficiency without compromising on livability.

Our Premium Partnership with Origin Global certifies our experience in offering state-of-the-art sustainable living solutions, with the latest OB-36 Bifold Doors from the Soho/Contemporary Collection being part of our commitment to setting new industry standards for thermal efficiency and design.

As your local installer in sustainable construction, WindowWorx will navigate the complexities of modern building requirements with you. Visit our showroom in Reading today or Contact us and let’s help you get started on meeting the FHS standards for your project stress-free.


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