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Can I replace my conservatory roof?

Definitely, we even recommend replacing your conservatory roof if you've noticed it isn't performing well and you're experiencing a drop in the energy efficiency of your conservatory.

Can replacing the roof of my glazed extension add value to my home?

Absolutely! Glazed extensions can add a considerable amount of value to your home when it's in perfect condition. Replacing the roof is one sure way to improve the look and quality of your conservatory. Naturally increasing its value.

To find out exactly how much value a replacement conservatory roof could add to your home, please speak to your local estate agent for exact numbers in your area.

Do I need planning permission to replace my conservatory roof?

It might surprise many homeowners to hear that you usually don't need to apply for planning permission when you're looking to replace your conservatory roof. At Conservatory Makeovers, all of our installations are 100% compliant with building regulations so you have nothing to worry about.

What replacement roof options do Conservatory Makeovers offer?

We offer three different conservatory roof options, ensuring we have something for every homeowner.

Can I replace the roof of my orangery?

Of course! Any of our replacement roof styles will suit an orangery extension and our expert team will be able to efficiently install it. We're also able to install high-quality lantern roofs to transform your orangery into a modern dream.

How much will a replacement roof cost me?

The cost of a replacement roof can vary depending on the style, size, and pitch you choose. As you're also able to add internal extras with certain styles it would be impossible to offer one price across the website. If you contact our team to discuss your project we'll be able to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.