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Atlas Roof Lanterns from WindowWorx

Embrace the pinnacle of architectural elegance with Atlas Roof Lanterns, a hallmark of WindowWorx’s premium installation services. Atlas stands at the forefront of glazed roofing solutions, offering British homes unparalleled elegance and efficiency. With a commitment to the slimmest profiles in the industry and a variety of designs including Contemporary, Regular, and Square, these roof lanterns ensure a perfect fit for your living space.

Leveraging over 20 years of experience in Berkshire and beyond, WindowWorx brings extensive advice, care, and expertise to every roof lantern installation. Offering expansive sky views with lantern sizes up to 1.5m x 3m, contact WindowWorx today to discuss your home improvement or architectural project.

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Superior Strength with Aluminium Roof Lanterns

WindowWorx showcases Atlas Roof Lanterns combining material expertise with proven skills for superior design and performance.

  • Aluminium’s long lasting durability and performance is in every product.
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Aluminium incorporates super-efficient thermal breaks to reduce heat transfer
  • Ultra-Sleek aluminium profiles engineered for aesthetic appeal and efficiency.
  • Low maintenance with easy installation, offering long-term value for your Atlas Roof Lantern.

Enhanced Security with Atlas Roof Lanterns

Atlas Roof Lanterns blend style with high security, enhancing homes with elegant and safe extensions like lanterns, rooflights, and conservatories.

  • Subjected to stringent performance assessments to ensure reliability.
  • Backed by ‘Secured By Design’ and the ‘British Standards Kitemark’.
  • Comprehensive support for your Atlas Roof Lantern including technical drawings and installation guidance for flawless project execution.
  • Ensures watertight, thermally efficient structures that adhere to strict standards.
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Altas Roof Lantern Range

Atlas stands out for its beautifully engineered roof lanterns, combining slim, aesthetically pleasing profiles with robust functionality. With a focus on sleek design and thermal efficiency, Atlas sky lanterns and rooflights, installed by WindowWorx, redefine living spaces, merging traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation.

Contemporary lantern option


Stylish slim profile, leaving all four glass panes completely clear, offering expansive views.

Atlas regular lantern


Stylish profile like the popular Contemporary range, but with additional rafters on each plane.

Atlas square lantern


Shortened ridge measuring 45mm x 45mm for completely symmetrical design and better aesthetics.

Design Tailored Uniquely to Your Requirements

  • Your Atlas Roof Lantern is tailored to align with your evolving lifestyles and aspirations for your living space.
  • Design flexibility with adjustable roof pitches from 17 to 35 degrees.
  • Designed by experts, Atlas roof lanterns use hidden or no tie bars for sleek roofs in large buildings.
  • Atlas roof sky lanterns the sense of clear, free space under the eaves, elevating the overall spatial quality.

Why Choose WindowWorx for your Aluminium Roof Lanterns?

  • Expert Installation with over 20 years of experience ensures seamless roof lantern and skylight integration into your home.
  • Tailored Atlas Roof Lantern solutions to match your unique vision and requirements.
  • Partnering with Atlas guarantees superior durability, aesthetics and thermal efficiency
  • Comprehensive post-installation support for lasting satisfaction.
  • Wide range of custom-glazed roofing solutions for your chosen sky lantern.

Trust WindowWorx for a blend of excellence, precision, and care in every aluminium roof lantern project.

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