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How will I know when my windows need replacing?

You should be looking at replacing your existing windows 20 years after installation, modern double glazing, uPVC and aluminium can all outlive this time frame but it should be used as a marker. Any sign of damage or wear and tear should be replaced immediately.

What material is best for replacement windows?

Aluminium and uPVC are both excellent materials for manufacturing replacement windows and the decision you make will be dependent on your personal taste, your homes existing style and your budget.

Do I need planning permission to replace my windows?

It is very rare that you'll need planning permission to replace your existing windows. However, you may need to apply for permission if you're living in conservation or restricted area.

Can I customise my windows?

Absolutely! All of our windows are made to measure and can be tailored exactly to your requirements and specifications. This includes choosing from a range of colours, finishes and styles.

How much will new windows cost me?

There are many factors that affect the cost of your windows which is why we don't offer a generic price anywhere on our website. If you contact our team we'll be able to offer you a free, no-obligation quote for your project.

I live in a conservation area, do you offer approved windows?

We offer Altitherm's Heritage aluminium windows and The Residence Collection which perfectly replicate traditional windows. Both have been pre-approved by many local councils for use in conservation and restricted areas.