Origin Single Door

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The Origin single door is made from premium aluminium and is available in over 150 RAL colours.

The Origin Single Door

Our range of Origin single doors are the perfect solution for a back door or an interior connecting door. They allow plenty of light into your property and offer a contemporary look to any home. They are manufactured from premium grade aluminium, in the UK and are available in over 150 RAL colours.

Why choose the Origin Single Door?

Made In

Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade


Range Of Panel


150 RAL



Seamless Access

Bespoke aluminium single doors

Made from premium aluminium the Origin single door offers strength, and durability. Aluminium is so much lighter than steel, yet incredibly strong and hardwearing. It won’t twist or warp over time and only requires minimal amounts of maintenance.




Strong, reliable Secure

Our doors are very strong and reliable. With our multi-point lock, they are incredible secure and will help to put off any would be intruders.

Styles to suit your property

Available as a Mid-Rail or as a single pane of glass, the Origin single door can be ordered to your exact specification. They will help let light flood into your property whilst delivering that contemporary modern look that people are looking for.




Your colour & finish

Available in more than 150 RAL colours, with dual colour and woodgrain options you can easily match any existing windows or doors you may already have. If you choose the dual colour option, you can even have a different colour for both the inside and outside of your door.

High quality handles

There are a wide range of handle options available, so you really can tailor the product to your taste. Brushed steel, chrome, or powder coated. It really is up to you.


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