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Our guide to choosing the ultimate glazing for your extension

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The glazing you choose for your extension will have a big impact on the overall aesthetic, security and energy efficiency of your home. At WindowWorx, all of our glazing products use the highest quality double glazing and many of them can be upgraded to exceptional triple glazing. This allows you to make your decision with absolute confidence that you’re receiving only the highest quality.

Here is our guide to choosing the ultimate glazing for your home and garden extension:

Are glass extensions energy efficient?

Glazed extensions are a popular home improvement choice in the South-East, they offer additional space and light to all homes. When your glazed extension is manufactured with enhanced glazing it’s certain to be thermally efficient. However, when your extension becomes old or tired it may lose some of its energy efficiency. This is when you may want to consider upgrading and refurbishing your glazed extension. There are a variety of ways you can improve your glazed extension depending on your goals and expectations.

How do I maximise light in my extension?

grey origin windowsIn order to maximise the light within your extension, you need to consider all of your light sources. Incorporating plenty of natural lighting is the most crucial step to opening up your conservatory and maximising the light intake. Select large open windows to extend your views, we recommend superior aluminium windows as these are able to hold much larger panels of glazing with much slimmer frames. You’ll need fewer windows which provides a clean and contemporary appearance.

When deciding on your door, you should choose a gorgeous but functional glass door, we would suggest either an aluminium sliding glass door or an aluminium bifold door. Both options allow light to bathe your extension whilst providing you with a large additional entryway that can be helpful where you have a narrow front door or hallway.

Although natural lighting is the most important feature of your extension it’s also worth thinking about your artificial lighting. If you’re intending to use your conservatory for hosting or as a home office, it’s likely you’ll be in there during the evening and night. With glazed extensions, we always recommend having wall lights and spotlights as these don’t take anything away from your décor but add a soft and intimate lighting right around your extension. For a more contemporary, statement look you can hang a pendant light in the centre of your conservatory roof. This looks particularly elegant above a dining table.

Can I replace the windows and doors in my glazed extension?

The short answer is yes, you’re absolutely able to replace the windows and doors in your glazed extension. At WindowWorx, we recommend making these upgrades in order to improve the thermal performance, noise reduction and aesthetic of your glazed extension. If your conservatory has become old and tired, you may notice that it no longer performs the way it once did. By replacing the windows and doors you’ll experience an immediate increase in the temperature retention and look of your conservatory.

At WindowWorx, we will always check the structural integrity of your existing glazed extension to decide whether it is able to handle the construction.

What glazed door is best for my extension?

You have a lot more freedom in deciding on your replacement door than you may initially think. We offer a range of high-end glass doors that can all be designed to fit in a glazed extension. We typically recommend glass doors as these allow floods of natural light to pour in and provide you with an additional entryway at the rear or side of your property.

Here are some of the best glass doors you can use for your glazed extension:

Origin bifold doors

origin bifold doorsAn Origin bifold door is simply the perfect addition to any property. Their large concertina style lends itself beautifully to homeowners looking to modernise their extensions. The ultra slim frames allow for maximum light intake and extended views of your surroundings. Elegantly finished with a quality powder-coated colour, they’re able to withstand harsh British weather conditions for decades to come.

One of the biggest benefits of bifold doors is their ability to be completely opened up during the summer for homeowners to enjoy fresh air and natural light. Despite this unique and airy design we never compromise on security. Our Origin bifold doors feature 8-point locking systems and a 3-start Diamon cylinder to protect your home and provide you with total peace of mind. You can also be assured that they have been extensively tested to achieve PAS24:2016 certification.

Superior sliding doors

Sunflex sliding patio doorsA sliding patio door is a perfect solution for glazed extensions as they’re slim, practical and can be customised to fit any space. Configured with large flush stacking panels you can enjoy gorgeous views of your surroundings without the need to move any furniture.

Our Sunflex sliding doors are available in an endless variety of configurations with a variety of panel sizes. Always manufactured to your exact requirements and specifications to ensure you’re receiving exactly what you need. We even offer moveable corner posts and extended tracks should you require them. You won’t need to worry about security either as all our sliding doors have been manufactured with Secured by Design locking systems that have all been rigorously tested to achieve PAS 24:2016 certification.

Our premium Origin sliding doors can also be configured in a variety of unique ways to perfectly suit your extension. Decide between 2-6 panels depending on the size of your entryway. The aluminium used to manufacture our sliding doors is always premium quality ensuring that they have exceptional durability whilst remaining the slimmest doors available on the market. We’re proud to offer Origin’s OS-20 which is able to offer the slimmest sightlines achievable at just 20mm. This is the best door for smaller conservatories that still want to receive natural light and enhanced views.

Exceptional glazing products from WindowWorx

If you’re interested in upgrading the glazing within your extension, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A member of our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you. You can get in touch by either giving us a call on 0118 957 6888 or using our online enquiries form. We’ll supply you with a free, no-obligation quote as well as unrivalled advice and guidance.

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