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Living the dream | 5 Modern Glass Wall Ideas for Your Home

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So, you’ve decided to open up your home by installing a luxurious set of bifold, sliding, or sliding pocket doors. They’ll be better equipped to flood the space with lashings of natural light and give the impression of a much larger living space, sure, but why stop there? The minimalist frames all these different door styles offer is also a good excuse to make a statement, one that makes full use of the gorgeous glass wall to better bring your home into the modern age. Short on ideas? Here are five we’d recommend…

What are pocket sliding doors?

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By far one of the best examples of how the glass wall concept can help modernise the back of the home, pocket sliding doors are named as such because of how they neatly tuck away into the inside of your wall. Before you know it, the glass wall has quite literally disappeared to achieve the exact same appearance and effect as if the doors were closed. This has helped remove homeowners’ life-long fear of having patio doors take up an excessive amount of space when not in use.

Should I prioritise slim sight lines?

Slim sight lines are a must for anyone wanting to achieve the full glass wall effect, hence why we’d recommend achieving such regardless of patio door style – be it traditional sliding, bifold, or pocket. Fortunately, all glass wall doors from Window Worx being engineered in high-grade, high-performance aluminium material means this is easy to achieve. Extremely slim frames (with panel widths as small all 800mm) can be carried by the slimmest frames due to Aluminium’s inherent strength. There’s nothing more modern-feeling than a large glass-to-frame ratio with slim sightlines.

What sliding door colours can I have?

The sunflex-pocket-sliding-doors

All our pocket sliding glass doors and sliding glass door options can be installed using aluminium’s natural sheen, but another effective way to modernise the space they’re placed in comes from the vast array of RAL colour options. There are literally 2,540 different tones to choose from using this system, helping homeowners to achieve that modern look with their sliding door’s frames without having the colour distract from the glass wall at the centre.

How essential is a flush track?

As well as the look of your sliding, pocket or bifold door, how it functions and operates can also play into how modern your home feels. After all, nobody wants to struggle opening and closing their glass wall. It should be a relaxing experience, so installing a custom flush track that is unobtrusive and offers smooth gliding action is a must.

More door panels offer more light?

Pocket Sliding Door

Depending on the size of your home’s back wall, we can install sliding doors in any configuration ranging from 800mm (wide single door) to a generous 18m using multiple glass wall panels with minimal sightlines. A common misconception is that more panels offer more light into the home, when really almost every arrangement has the same effect. As such, pick the number of panels you feel would make your space the most moment and simply enjoy nature’s shine.

Modernise your home with sliding pocket doors from Window Worx

Increased light entry, improved ventilation and, yes, a modern glass wall appearance and effect is never too far away with sliding door options from Window Worx. Upgrade the aesthetic of your home and bring it into the 21st century by contacting us for a free quote today.

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