WindowWorx introduce, The Origin Gable Window

The Origin Gable Window is made from premium aluminium and is available in 150 RAL colours.

The Origin Gable Window

Add a touch of style and modernity to your home with a stunning Origin gable window. Gables enhance the look of any property and massively increase the amount of natural light. Our gable windows are manufactured by Origin in the UK which means that each and every one will be made to your precise specifications.

Why choose the Origin Gable Window?


Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

Ultra Slim
Aluminium Frames

Durable Powder

150 RAL


Make a statement

Gable windows really can turn your property into something special. Light will flood into your home, and add to the sense of space you have been looking for. The modern design and sleek lines will only add to enhancing the look of your property.




Maximise your light

The Origin gable window can be fitted with even the shallowest of roof pitches. It really will enhance the look of your property while letting in lots more light. They can be the perfect addition to any hallway or living room. There really is no limit to how or where they can be used.

Your colour

Available in over 150 RAL colours and finishes, you will be able to choose a colour that suits your properties style. Our popular colours are available in unbeatable lead times, which means a lot of projects can be brought to completion quickly.


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