Origin Corner Bi-fold Door

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The Origin Corner Bi-fold is made from premium aluminium and is available in 150 RAL colours.

The Origin Corner Bi-fold Door

The Origin Corner Bi-fold door can be configured totally to your requirements. With a maximum of ten doors you could really open up your home with a seamless transition from the inside to the outside. Like all Origin products they are made from premium grade aluminium, giving them strength and durability. With plenty of colours and hardware to choose from you really can make a personal design statement.

Why choose the Origin Corner Bi-fold Door?


150 RAL


Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade

High Grade


Coded Seals






Family Safe




Durable Powder


Low Threshold

Safe, secure and built to last

Our doors are designed and manufactured in the UK by Origin. The Corner Bi-fold door is constructed using premium aluminium making it very strong and durable. Available in over 150 colours, it can be personalised just as you wish. There is even an option to order a set with a moveable corner post creating a seamless transition from inside and out of your house.




Inspired by colours

The corner Bi-fold can be made in more than 150 RAL colours, enabling you to choose the colour that is perfect for your property. Our popular colours are available in unbeatable lead times and can be delivered in as little as seven days. 

Dual colour option

We have a wide range of colours on offer, giving you plenty of options to choose from. You can have colours to suit you interior decor, and exterior by choosing a dual colour door set.




Precision crafted handles

Our range of handle options give you plenty of choice. The handle range has been designed and manufactured with the same care and dedication as the rest of your door set. This truly is a quality product.

Create your perfect set of Corner Bi-fold Doors

We know you want to personalise your doors to reflect your style and enhance your properties character. You can make so many design choices, these really will be unique to you and your home.




Life without boundaries

If you want to create a seamless boundary between the inside and outside of you property you may wish to have low thresholds installed. They are the perfect way to bring the outside in, and all members of your family will love them!

Doors that glide effortlessly

Our doors have been designed and built to the highest standards. With our unique running carriage your doors will glide effortlessly across their tracks, making them easy for any member of the family to open. With a product guarantee of up to 20 years you can enjoy your doors for many years to come.


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