Choosing your Front Door

When you are replacing an existing front door or creating a new entrance to your property, there are several considerations. Are you looking to complement your properties style, is it traditional, modern or a character property. The door design and the fixtures and fitting and event the glazing options play a part in the decision making process.

Whilst mixing styles can sometimes work, often it is best practice to complement the style. A Victorian property with a bold ultra-modern red door is probably not a good look. That is not to say that mixing tradition with modern cannot work; for example, stone properties with bold anthracite doors can look truly unique.

WindowWorx has the experience and pedigree to help advise what works best to achieve the perfect balance.
When you replace your front door, it is the perfect opportunity to consider your properties entrance. Is there an opportunity to integrate a window either side of your door, to further enhance kerb appeal and allow more light into your property? Should your door open to the left or the right? These are all thing that can be corrected or improved. We often find a sketch is a great place to start; we can then advise you or come and visit the property and take any measurements to make sure your order goes without a hitch.

Replacing a front door doesn’t require planning permission unless you live in a listed building or a conversation area. If you do not own the property, we would advise you liaise with the freeholder or landlord, before making any upgrades.

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